Sunday, 19 December 2010

A Bad Smell (Part 1)

For some reason, when there's an elephant in the room, people tend to ignore it. After all, surely there's a reason for it being there and - if there isn't - what can you do about it? It's a fucking elephant.

I spent last year living with four friends and an elephant (which, for the sake of coherency, I will hereby refer to as K). K was the boyfriend of one of my housemates and somehow managed to move into our house and live there rent-free for an entire year.

I suppose at first we just assumed he was going to be living there for a few weeks at most and we didn't kick up a fuss about it for the sake of maintaining good relations with his girlfriend, who - at the time - was a good friend of ours. But days turned into weeks and weeks turned into a year.

Oh, did I mention he stank? Seriously, he smelt disgustingly of pubic sweat and cheese. The kind of smell that Creationists use as an argument for God's existence: only the almighty could create a smell this rancid. He smelt like the sweat between your penis and your balls after a hot day in the office.

I don't know why he smelt so bad, perhaps because he spent all day vegetating on the sofa watching daytime television and marinating in Cheetos dust.

I dread to think what his pubic region smelt like, but I'm going to have to because it reminds me of a story.

The girls all went to the cinema to watch Valentine's Day while I, bearing a grudge against most of the cast (seriously: Ashton Kutcher, Taylor Swift, Bradley Cooper, Jessica Alba, Emma Roberts and her cunt aunt Julia Roberts), stayed at home. The girls came home in a terrible mood, which I thought was because of the movie sucking, but it turns out K's girlfriend had received a phone call from K during the screening to say that he had been arrested. His girlfriend immediately swore he was innocent, but would not initially reveal what the crime was. As we were waiting in the living room for her to get home from the police station, we joked that he had been arrested on suspicion of something dirty like rape.

It was rape.

"But the girl is obviously lying. I know he didn't do it because - without going into too much detail - he came home to me that night and we did things know....I would have been able to tell if...I mean...I would know."

I think she was talking about fellatio, where the smell of another woman's vagina and blood is obviously a deal breaker for most women. Most women, however, are repulsed by nut musk so I really don't know if he did it or not.

It isn't, but rape is.

(To be continued)


  1. I was in this scenario on a 13 hour roadtrip in a van, IT SUCKED. my condolences

  2. that definition of smell made me lol

  3. I know exactly what you're talking about.

    My friend has a terrible stench and I never said anything to him. Luckily my other friend doesn't care what people think and he told him straight up he smelt like asshole haha.

  4. Boy, that sucks. Well, looking forward for the next post dude.

  5. I would've been kicked his ass to the curb. No one is going to live rent free and stink up my damn house too.

  6. Tell him to take a damn shower. I would like to hear what comes of this rape story.

  7. This story is fucking awesome! Just shared this haha it's great!

  8. Bleh. People smelling like garbage is complete crap. How does somebody live their life like that?

  9. Hahaha that made me laugh!! One year is enough time to have told him to pay the rent if he was going to keep vegetating the sofa

  10. great post

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  11. I've met a few people that stink. I mean really f**king stink, like you're talking about. It's gross alright but I know some of them at least couldn't help it.

  12. dude that's soooo wrong on so many levels..